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 Services Offered

Equity Investment Advisory Services In Indian Stock Market​

Time Horizon
Medium Term Investment As Well As Long Term Investment 
Medium Term Investment (1 to 3 years)
Long Term Investment  (4 to 7 years)
I also give few positional call / recommendations in vibrant bull market.  (We have seen such bull market in 2014 )

Key Features

(+) Unique Approach: Fundamental & Technical Analysis

(+) Medium & Long Term Investment

(+) SEBI Registered Investment Advisor

(+) Professionally Qualified Investment Adviser

(+) 20+Years Experience In Stock Market

(+) Extensive Analysis For Stock Selection

(+) Continuous Monitoring

(+) Low Churning of Portfolio

(+) Transparent & Customised Services

Update on advisory service 21-Apr-2019

Its decided not to renew Investment Advisory service registration with SEBI

Below is letter link in this regards

Non Renewal Of Investment Advisor Registration

Update on advisory service Oct-2016 

A) Advisory service registration is open for HNI “Elite Membership”
B) Advisory service status for small investors
1)      Advisory service started in 2011, with intention of sharing my knowledge of stock market with investors
2)      In 2013 SEBI come out with Investor Advisor regulation
3)      In 2014 SEBI come out with Research Analyst regulation
4)      Various restrictions on trading / doing business had been put via these regulations.
5)      In 2015 Advisory service for small investor  was  launched via whatsapp in simplified format
6)      In May-16,  advisory service via own app “YouDecideFee” was conceptualised
7)      In early Sep-16  app was launched with expectation of starting advice around Nov-16
8)      At end of sep-16 I come to know that app may not completely fit in existing SEBI’s Investment Advisor regulation & Research Analyst regulation.
9)      Later in Oct-16, SEBI has come out with 30 pages (new proposals) consultation paper on existing regulation.
10)    Various intermediaries / people would have replied with their suggestions by deadline for submitting submission i.e. 04th Nov-16
11)   May be in coming few weeks / months SEBI will update / take final call various proposals mentioned in consultation paper
12)   If reply / call of SEBI on consultation paper is in line with “ease of doing business” in India, I will offer advisory service to small investor.
13)   If reply / call of SEBI on consultation paper  is too much restrictive / complex, I may not provide advice to small investors
A sincere  request to you to send me, your contact details- email, mobile number on / whatsapp 9371331337, so I can get in touch with you

Kindly Note:

I do Not:

  • Buy or Sell Shares on Your Behalf.

  • Offer Hot Tips or Ideas For Intraday Trading or Speculative Trading in Derivatives, Options & Futures.

SEBI Registered Investment Advisor Registration No. (INA000001266)

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